dragynfyre said: I love you humorous planeswalker, Koth, the Shameless being my favorite. Please make more!

I suppose I ought to make Tamiyo and Tibalt now, actually. It’s just hard as they haven’t done much yet. But thank you for the compliment.

sotopop88 said: First Off let me say your blog is AMAZING! Id love to see the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Jean Grey (I think a couple Phoenix cards for her would be awesome too. Since there are 3 versions of her costume depending of which one she is.), Storm, The Stepford Cuckoos, Ice Man, Dazzler, Cloak and Dagger, Mystique, and Armor, Angel, and Psylocke.

okay this has definitely given me some more ideas. Thank you!

Any requests for specific X-Men?

I’ve pretty much done all my favourite characters but still enjoying making these so any you’d like to see?

Set number something else of X-Men cards. I could just keep making these.

lutholtzj said: In regards to your Deadpool card and the other person's suggestion of giving him regeneration instead, I think I would do just fine as it is. If memory serves, doesn't regeneration remove the regenerating creature from battle, including the damage it does? With the ability you gave him, it sounds like he doesn't, making his ability far more awesome. It gives me the image of him getting impaled on the enemy, then pushing off by kicking them in the face, instantly recovering once he's off.

Both kinda work. Regenerate would still let him deal damage, he’d just heal straight after. I think the reason I didn’t use it (aside from forgetting) is because you can only really regenerate something once per turn, and I wanted Deadpool to be constantly in the action. As long as you’ve got mana, he’ll keep on fighting.

Set number 3 of X-Men favourites. I feel like Kitty ought to have some flavour text but I couldn’t think of or find anything good. I think set number 4 shall wait til tomorrow.

Anonymous said: Shouldn't Deadpool's ability be Regenerate? The way you did it makes more sense thematically, but seems somewhat awkward mechanically.

See this is what happens when I make cards while tired. I forget that Regenerate exists. Thank you, kind stranger.

Set number 2 of X-Men cards, more favourites.

Prepare for a spam of X-Men cards. Starting with some of my favourites. Also, you have no idea how long I spent trying to find a good picture of Domino. Even the one I got barely shows her eye, which is like her recognisable feature. Everything else was the wrong shape or had text in it. Not impressed.

A few more Bastion cards. I’d really like to make planes and even phenomena out of this set but the format add-on just will not work. Maybe some equipment next.