Having finally started ME3 I can actually make these cards. Javik and EDI are now my two favourite characters. James I dislike but I thought I should make him a card anyway. More to come.

some enemy Mass Effect cards.

Mech enemy cards. I apologize if you’ve already been following my personal blog back when I first posted these. I just felt they should be up here too.

I think I’m done with Normandy related cards.

some Normandy related cards.

You’ll have to forgive the Hammerhead being a bit unimaginative; I never got to use it.

Some of the amenities onboard the Normandy.

some of the non-squadmate crewmembers. I had to make two versions of Chakwas because the joke version was too funny to discard.

Felt I ought to make cards of these guys just for completion’s sake, even though I don’t really care about Jacob and never got to play with the other two.

okay some more squad members.