Set number something else of X-Men cards. I could just keep making these.

Set number 3 of X-Men favourites. I feel like Kitty ought to have some flavour text but I couldn’t think of or find anything good. I think set number 4 shall wait til tomorrow.

Set number 2 of X-Men cards, more favourites.

Prepare for a spam of X-Men cards. Starting with some of my favourites. Also, you have no idea how long I spent trying to find a good picture of Domino. Even the one I got barely shows her eye, which is like her recognisable feature. Everything else was the wrong shape or had text in it. Not impressed.

A few more Bastion cards. I’d really like to make planes and even phenomena out of this set but the format add-on just will not work. Maybe some equipment next.

Haven’t posted in a while, but just played Bastion and these were fun to make. I thought a planechase themed set felt appropriate, I just wish I could get the Plane card format to work properly. Oh well, I’m happy with these.

Just to finish the team off. Couldn’t get the program to run transform card format so I apologise, but otherwise pleased with these.

ugh and Fury’s card should read “+1/+1 until end of turn.” not going back to fix that.

I have Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America some ways down the blog that I made before the film came out but here have three more. Credit to the person who did BWs art, though I forget their name, and I admit her ability is very clunky but I was trying to go for something flavourful. I also really wanted to put something fantastic as Coulson’s flavour text but kinda ran out of space.


So it turns out I was inspired by Bloculus’s Katawa Shoujo cards.

Link 1
Link 2

Threw these supporting characters together over the space of half an hour or something. I’ll probably post edited versions if I decide on a more elegant way of representing them.

I was totally going to make theses actual three cards, but now I don’t have to. Awesome.

I’m just going to paste here what I put on the last three Katawa Shoujo cards:

I decided to make these, and before you go complaining about how the abilities don’t match the colours or that they’re overpowered or confusing or anything like that, let me just say I don’t care about all that. I made these to represent the message that each girl gives you in the game, and I think I did a pretty damn good job of representing them in card form.

Emi, who teaches you not to let anything stand in your way; Shizune, who teaches you to be decisive; and Rin, who teaches you to live in the moment.

If you haven’t seen them, the other three are a bit further down this blog.